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The Relationship Between Diet and Nutrition

Due to the thrust for wellness, we are now constantly being bombarded with all kinds of stuff that are aiming to make us healthier. There are a lot of terminologies involved, and one of those terms that tend to overlap with each other is diet & nutrition. So what exactly makes the 2 of these terms different and what makes them similar and correlated? To answer that, we need to take note of the definitions of the 2.

A diet is defined as the sum total of what one eats. Nutrition is defined as how food provides nourishment to the body of the consumer. The main difference between the 2 is that the diet is concerned with what is being eaten while nutrition is concerned with what those being eaten is going to contribute. Still, while they are 2 separate definitions, it cannot be denied that diet & nutrition are 2 concepts that go hand in hand. While there are many ways to explain their relationship, it is best summed up by this. Our diet is going to be a huge determinant if our nutrition would be sufficient. To put it another way, having a good diet is going to result into good nutrition.

With that said, there is no constant in determining what exactly constitutes a good diet. While it is true that there are nutritional guides, they are only just that, guides. While having a recommended daily intake (hence the concepts of RDA and RDI) is good, this is not fool proof as different people have different nutritional needs. A 5 year old, a 15 year old, a 35 year old, and a 65 year old person would each have different nutritional needs and quotas. In fact, even men and women have different nutritional requirements. Considering all these factors are going to contribute to good nutrition.

By now, you have possibly linked the correlation between diet & nutrition. So how can you create a good diet in order to obtain good nutrition? While there is no hard and fast rule in making sure that you have a balanced diet, the easiest way to obtain good nutrition is to eat a diverse selection of nutritious foods. Of course, you are going to need your fruits and vegetables, your primary source of vitamins and minerals. Calcium sources such as dairy products should also be part of the menu as well. Grains, especially whole grains, are going to provide carbohydrates for energy as well as fiber for cleaning the digestive system. Also, you’ll need protein from fish, lean meat, and legumes. And while fats, salts, and sugars are still essential, you must partake only just enough to not compromise your health.

In addition, diet & nutrition works in conjunction with other health concepts. For instance, proper nutrition works best when combined with other healthy practice such as regular exercise. Exercise is going to help you retain a consistent body weight, a defined body composition, improved function of organs such as the brain and the cardiovascular system, increased vitality, and reduced risk of diseases such as heart disease and cancers.

In conclusion, it is no secret that diet & nutrition are inseparable. Combined with different ways in maintaining health, these eternally intertwined constructs are going to make or break your health. So ultimately, it would be best to make the right choices.

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Never on a Sunday: Blooms in Parade

Every year, America holds its New Year Celebration in the form of the Tournament of Roses Parade, commonly known as the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California. It is a festival of floats made of flowers, equestrians, marching bands and a college football game held on New Year’s Day. It is moved on the following Monday in case January 1 falls on a Sunday. This “Never on a Sunday” rule was enacted to avoid disturbing worship services when frightened horses pass by the local churches. Another reason was to avoid competition with the NFL.The parade, which started on January, 1, 1890, is produced by the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association. Thousands of people watch the parade in person and it is also broadcast in several television channels in the US. It is also seen by people from over 200 countries and territories. To add to the funds of the parade, the Rose Bowl college football was included in 1902.The parade’s route follows the Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena’s main road and a part of the then US 66. The neighbourhood streets are closed a day prior the parade to prepare for the numerous floats, equestrians, bands and other elements that will take part in the festivities.The flower-covered floats are the main spectacle of the Rose Parade. They were originally horse carriages decorated with flowers but were replaced by floats made by sponsoring communities. A rule for building the floats is: the whole exterior must be covered only using natural material (e.g. plants, flowers, nuts or vegetables).The president of the Tournament of Roses decides on the theme of the parade. For 2011 it will be Building Dreams, Friendships & Memories.